PSG Sugar Glider Pedigree Search


The database originally started in 2004 to give breeders/owners a central place to store and share sugar glider pedigrees. It was initially ran by a staff of two people that confirmed, registered, and uploaded all records for an online records search. As the popularity grew, demand was not met and the database quit accepting new entries. In 2010, the database was reopened as with a "paid only" option. In 2014, the new PSG pedigree system started development. It is expected to go live late 2017.

  • Are records still being added to this database? Yes. Breeders that were registered still continue to add joeys and new lines as they obtain them.

  • Can I add sugar gliders to this database? Lines from or previously registered breeders can be added to this database. Otherwise, the PSG database is not taking new sugar glider breeder programs until the new system is operational.

  • How is this database different? Unlike other databases for sugar gliders, this database requires lines to be verified by the staff of the PSG database prior to the joey being listed into the database. This results in fewer falsified or incorrect records and duplicate entries.

  • What if I see an error in this database? Please contact us immediately so we can reverify information.

  • Why to the COI or ALC numbers not match a different database? These calculations can be done several different ways and may include a different number of generations in the calculation. As a result, the numbers may be different. If the numbers are off by more than 2%, research the records in both databases for differences. Notify the PSG database of any inconsistent or missing information.

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