PSG Sugar Glider Pedigree Search


The new PSG database program is expected to go live sometime in late 2017. See below for updates and be sure to join our Facebook Group for more in-depth information.

  • 07/17/17: We are registering breeder colony initials to the new program. If you are interested please see our Facebook page or contact us. Colony initials cannot be changed and are on a first come/ first serve basis.

Below are the expected features of the new PSG database.

  • Free to search and enter pedigrees
  • Option to hide lines that were sold as "pet only"
  • Both ALC and COI calculations
  • Add up to 3 pictures per sugar glider
  • Marking of formerly sterile lines
  • Breeding statics based on input data (average weights, ages of rehomes, life expectancy, number of times a glider is rehomed)
  • Joeys can only be entered by the breeder
  • Sugar glider rehoming/transfer tracking system

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